The concept for "Embrace the Waves" designs was born on a hot August day in 2017 on the fabulous sandy beach of Whitecliffe Bay, Isle of Wight. I was swimming with the girls, Holly and Bene. The water was warm, the sun was hot and it was an absolutely lush day.
Holly and I were floating in the water when several jet skis rushed past creating rather large waves that brought our floating to a swift end! We turned around just in time to see massive rolling waves heading our way, at which point Holly dived forward and said "embrace the waves!"  So we all joined in at diving headlong into the waves!
The most wonderful and simplest of moments and it hit me that my entire life (well everyone's life really) is about embracing whatever life throws your way...the good and the bad. For as long as I can remember all I wanted to do was create and to make a living doing so but for years I held myself back from my dreams, always believing that I wasn't quite ready or not quite good enough. How could I encourage my children to just "go for it" when I myself could not? I was not being a very good role model. At that moment I felt something shift within me. It was time to just do it! If not now, then when?  Never was the answer. So I took action and researched and enrolled in a fabulous programme called Make it In Design with Rachel Taylor. Through out the course I built not only my skill set, but also my confidence and self belief....and the rest is history!​​​​​​​
"The only thing worse than starting something and failing... is not starting something." -- Seth Godin

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