Intermediate - Jungle Luxe-Bugs
I enrolled in Make It In Design in December 2017. After many years of having the desire, but not the know how I decided to say yes and took a leap of faith. At least it would give me the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people! 
Oh man has it ever! I have met a tribe of the most amazing creatives. People who all share a love and passion for making new and beautiful things. We all have our own styles and ways of working and we all support eachother with positive critique and masses of kudos! Rachel Tayler and MIID crew are amazing and have been incredible guides on our journey. Making every learning experience fun and challenging!
Below is a view at my creative process for the first brief of the Intermediate design track. The theme focused around bugs! As I have a love for orchids, I looked for bugs that lived on and around them. Imagine my great delight when I discovered the Orchid Praying Mantis. What a stunning little critter. 
As I was working on a dinnerware set, I aimed to bring a bit of elegance with some bling. I created my own rose gold in photoshop and the yellow gold is from an online source called
As with every design, I started with research and hand drawing. I then scanned the images I wanted to use and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator.
A great learning journey and loads of fun! I am now completely in love with Orchid Praying Manti and am looking to add one to my large family of creatures!
Intermediate - Homeland Flora
This was the final trend brief. I found it a bit of a challenge as I wanted to create something a bit different compared to my usual style. Something light and floral with a nice layering feel. I had a few sketches I had scanned in ages ago and particularly liked the look and feel of the baby's breath. So after a few hours of playing around I got this result.  Rather pleased with it. Love mustard yellow right now!
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