February 2020
It's been a crazy time with family and work. I am finally putting time aside to create my portfolio and get it out in front of some people!  Here are my examples so far! Time is now...no more waiting around or being too afraid. Life is short. Live it to the full!
August 21, 2018
Back on the island (Isle of Wight) with the family and have been enjoying walks on the beach, amazing views and quality time with the family (as well as some early morning rising so that I can create and watch the sun come up!). Still working on Summer School 2018 briefs. Right now I'm doing a summer inspired piece that would go onto a parasol! Have been playing around with butterfly shapes filled with patterns I created some time ago. The effect has been quite cool. I am loving how colours interact and completely change how a piece looks. Hope you are enjoying your summer holidays!
August 9, 2018
Having some fun with bugs today. Thought I would mess around with an Orchid Praying Mantis design. I'm doing this as part of the Intermediate track of Make it in Design Summer School 2018. Planning on putting this on tableware. Will share the results once I've finished. 
August 2, 2018
Currently working on some design briefs for the Make it in Design Summer School 2018. I love the way that each brief challenges me in some way and pushes me to work outside of my boundaries. I am also loving the collaboration of the "tribe" on facebook as we all encourage and help eachother. Deciding to take the leap and just do it has been one of the greatest decisions ever. Regardless of what happens next and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far!
Here is my output from this weeks brief. Summer themed, obviously, using a limited colour palette inspired by clothes in my wardrobe!  I started with handdrawn images that I then scanned and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator.
It feels fun and quirky and I love the brightness of the colours. Will probably play with a few more iterations. 
Happy  creating! x
July 2018
Spending some time catching up on my Make it in Design course today and thought I would take a break over lunch and watch a TED talk. Found this fabulously inspriational talk by Martina Flor, a designer and typographer. Her story is wonderful and she brings her subject matter to life with humour, grace and passion. If you have 12 minutes and are up for some inspiration check her out at TED Talks here.
"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of!"  - Leonardo Da Vinci
June 2018 
I am currently working my way through the Make it in Design Module 2. As hard as it is to find the time while working a full time corporate gig, I am determined to make it happen and make my dreams a reality.  A large part of the course is designing patterns for specific applications. Here is a mock up I did this week for a dining set and a mock up of an oven mitt from a few weeks back.  I am drawn to the things I love, as it feels like the only way to bring my authentic-self to the table. Here's hoping that others find them appealing as well! :-) Happy creating!
"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!" - Anon
May/June 2018
I have entered my first, of what I hope will be many, design competitions. It's for cushion design through the wonderful Wraptious, a fab organisation that support local artists. Please check out my designs and like and share, if you feel they are deserving, here on:
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